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We are glad to share this amazing opportunity to participate in the Turkiye Youth Summit 2023. At Turkiye Youth Summit, you will be doing youth development and empowerment to create exceptional future leaders by encouraging strong identity and character. Turkiye Youth Summit is more than a meeting of young leaders from the whole world, it is also an opportunity for them to share their experiences on how they are protecting and empowering youth in their communities.


The Turkiye Youth Summit is an affiliate of the Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) network, a multifaceted network of young professionals dedicated to engaging, inspiring, and empowering young people in global development., which aims to inspire and empower youth within and outside the institution. This event is a forum will be held for 4 days that will discuss the main themes and panel discussions that will be carried out in this summit.


The main themes of the Turkiye Youth Summit 2023 is: “Social Development Goals For Global Leaders”

Benefits of attending Turkiye Youth Summit 2023 : 

• Get a professional Turkiye Youth Summit participation certificate.

• Hands-On Experience in Politics, International Relations, and Current World Issues in 4-days conference.

• IMUN Training & Study Guides.

• Improve Public Speaking and Debate Skills.

• Learn Teamwork Skills.

• Builds confidence and leadership skills.


Over 250 participants from 120+ countries will join Turkiye Youth Summit 2023. Only Limited seats are available!


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