About Us

Smart Nation Danismanlik Limited Sirketi is based in Istanbul, Turkiye. Smart Nation is a company that services value-based businesses that want to empower the youth through high-impact capacity building and trainings.
We believe that everyone should have access to the best practices employed by large-scale corporations to drive growth. That’s why we help organizations focused on serving emerging markets and underserved populations to develop training and learning programs that meet their needs and align with their purpose. Our specialty is integrating assessment of the capacity building recipient, training, and coaching centered around strategic action planning for measurable results. We were founded in 2023, started as a educational / training / event management, perhaps as one of the best companies in its field in Turkiye.
We create and add value to events, providing an added value to our customers, innovative, creative, diverse and visually rich technologies with our business partners and stakeholders we gained from all over the world throughout our international partnership experience…”

Official Information

Company Title : Smart Nation Danismanlik Limited Sirketi 

Registration Number : 440985-5, Chamber of Commerce : Istanbul

Chamber Registration No: 1435051 , Central Registration System No: 0772-1579-3930-0001

Our VAT Registration Certificate Tax No : 7721579393, Tax Administrator : Zincirlikuyu, Activity Code : 823002

Message from Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Smart Nation website. This site is part of our continuing commitment to provide timely information regarding the Smart Nation activities, and provide current industry-related information that might be of interest to you. The Smart Nation is a unique organization that contributes to Turkiye image as a leading source. We relish the challenge of taking on new opportunities in the capacity of project management, research, event development, education and much more, in an international arena. Although our projects vary in nature, they all utilize our expertise and experience in the business of the environment.

By creating successful partnerships with various stakeholders, we have achieved success in supporting our own fundamental rationale: by helping to facilitate business opportunities as a means of solving environmental problems, we can create win/win outcomes for everyone, facilitating economic growth and protecting the environment at the same time.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Our Mission & Vision

No individual or organization can achieve their mission, vision, or purpose without continuously learning, improving, and measuring success.
Our role is to bring our corporate best practices and processes to your projects through an integrated, results-oriented approach.
All organizations, no matter their size or purpose, should have the opportunity to benefit from the best practices that large corporations employ to drive growth. Diversity and inclusivity of thoughts, backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities are critical for driving purpose throughout your organization.
For an implemented solution to work, it must be modelled, trained for, and measured. Everyone in your organization must understand how their daily work drives your purpose—this requires training, not just communication.
Your leadership and your staff must live your organization’s purpose in and out of work. Typical training projects stop short of measuring true results. Typical employees need to be adequately trained to drive your mission, vision, or purpose.


By partnering with us, your brand will be able to build on our fantastic reputation and reach, and at the same time, make a real difference to the vital work that we do. If you would like to discuss loyalty programmes, on-pack promotions and incentives, affiliate offers, reciprocal partnerships or in-kind opportunities, please get in touch with us.