Let’s Co-create our Smart Nation together

Do you have an observation or suggestion of which you think that it might help making the lives of citizens more convenient, or digital government services better? We would love to hear from you! Come join us through the following programmes and platforms.

Smart Nation Ambassadors

Join our network of 20 Ambassadors to earn money, win prizes, meet people and gain experience alongside your studies or career. Are you creative, proactive and outgoing? If you love attending events and want to kick-start a career in the events industry, this is for you.

Smart Nation Ambassadors
Co-creation Group

The Smart Nation Ambassador Co-Creation Group (SNA CCG) is a network of community leaders representing diverse groups, including persons with disabilities, low-income families, seniors, and race-based community groups. SNA CCG enables public agencies to connect with specific communities to engage everyone, not just for the “digital-able”.