Cooking Alaturka, Sultanahmet

Many foreign tourists who have the chance to come to Istanbul fall in love with the food they taste here and want to be able to cook it themselves. Turkish cuisine, available everywhere in Istanbul, reflects the region’s exotic ambiance with its special spices. Cooking Alaturka is the perfect choice if you’ve tasted Turkish dishes and want to learn how to cook some of them. You’ll join a group and be entertained as you learn how to cook delicious dishes with the help of master chefs. You’ll not only learn how to cook, but you’ll also get to meet new people. Here you can also enjoy excellent food in the restaurant and a pleasant dinner. All dishes available reflect Turkish culture.






Turkish Marbling – Ebru Lessons: Les Arts Turcs – Sultanahmet

In Turkey, art dating back to the Ottoman Empire has created a rich cultural and historical texture. Ebru Art is realised using paper, paint, and water. First of all, motifs should be processed with special paint on thin paper. This paper must then be processed on specially prepared water with a specific density. The resulting image will resemble the appearance of various antique objects from the Ottoman period. If you’re interested in art history you’ll be fascinated to learn how to perform marbling by participating in a Turkish Marbling – Ebru Lessons workshop.


Les Arts Turcs – Calligraphy Lessons

When you examine the historical monuments in Istanbul, you may notice that most have handwriting which is aesthetically pleasing. This handwriting was part of a special art which was very famous during the Ottoman period. During periods when decorative writing was highly emphasised, the art of calligraphy began to be used as many people were influenced by the writing style of the Arabic alphabet. Since then the aesthetic appearance of writing has become quite important. By attending this course, you will benefit from numerous lessons where you can learn Calligraphy using special methods.




1200 Degrees Glass Studio

If you like to create new products using your hands and want to add an atelier to your Istanbul experience, why not join a glass workshop? This professional glass workshop in Istanbul provides advanced education in a prestigious environment. What’s more, you can easily come here with your loved ones as there’s a concept cafe where they can have a pleasant time while they wait for you. 1200 Degrees Glass Studio is one of the most popular areas for glass workshop in Istanbul. You can get both theoretical and practical information about how to form glass by attending the workshop. There are also special activities for children. In addition, Glass Meet Ateliers are events for adults.


Güli Ceramic Workshop

This workshop has been active in Istanbul for almost 10 years. You can participate in a ceramic workshop here as an individual or as part of a group. By participating in group training organised under the name of company activities, you can create a new generation business model. A Venetian Mask Making Workshop, Tile Painting Workshop, Pottery Workshop and many more are available here.