Online MUN Conference
Istanbul, Turkiye​
Apr 14 - Apr 16, 2023
University Students and High School Students
200 delegates expected
Apr 14 - Apr 16, 2023
Apr 14 - Apr 16, 2023
Secretary General
Under Secretary for Delegates
Under Secretary for Academics
Under Secretary for Guest Speakers
Under Secretary for Marketing & Social Media
Apr 14 - Apr 16, 2023
Apr 14 - Apr 16, 2023
Apr 14 - Apr 16, 2023
Apr 14 - Apr 16, 2023
Apr 14 - Apr 16, 2023

What is a Model United Nations ?

Model United Nations is a popular activity for those interested in learning about the work of the United Nations. It is an academic simulation of United Nations conferences in which students role-play as UN delegates and represent a state in a committee of the United Nations. As well as defending the interests of the state they represent, they have for mission to write a resolution following the formalism of the diplomats from the General Assembly of the United Nations states. The United Nations simulations are classics in the university field worldwide, and more commonly for passionate in debates.

Model United Nations take place all over the world, and every year, hundreds of thousands of students on all educational levels participate. Many of today´s leaders in law, government, business and the arts participated in Model UN as a student. Putting yourself in a diplomat´s shoe for a few days can train you to the operation of United Nations procedures. To do so, each participant is required to do the research needed to take part in international negations.The goal at the end of the simulation is to find some consensual decisions, with a final intent to keep peace.

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All sessions of these committees are held under the overall theme: “Shaping a world resilient to climate change”. In a period of high climate stress, it is necessary to encourage international cooperation to improve the resilience of states to global warming.

This theme chosen for the 1st Edition of the Smart Nation MUN particularly reflects the current context and the growing awareness of the need to adapt our habits towards more sustainable lifestyles. The environmental issue transcends all borders, which makes it an international theme. No one can ignore the catastrophic scenarios predicted by scientists.

With the participation of international students, we hope to create not only awareness, but also enthusiasm and deep reflection among all participants on the issue of resilience in the face of climate change. One of our objectives is to get the younger generation to think about climate change.


Rules of Procedures

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